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Min Max Thermometers

Please find below our min max thermometer range for gardening use often sometimes better known as a maximum minimum or max min thermometer which will give you a maximum and minimum temperature reading. We manufacture a great selection of both analogue, digital and wireless models at great prices.

Why would you use a min max thermometer?

A very popular choice with gardeners, who often use a min max thermometer in the greenhouse in order to monitor the temperatures throughout the day and night checking minimum temperatures during the colder months when frost can be a major problem and also to monitor the maximum temperature during the daytime. Many plants need a temperature of about 80 degrees Fahrenheit which is approx. 27 degrees C to grow properly. Having the temperature too hot in your greenhouse can make your plants wilt and eventually die. The temperature of a greenhouse should be monitored daily and in order to achieve this place a good quality min max thermometer in the greenhouse ideally at the same level of the plant.

The different types of min max thermometers are described below:

Analogue min max thermometer - Increasing environmental and health concerns have encouraged the development of a range of unique mercury free min max thermometers which have replaced the traditional mercury types, the standard design for over two hundred years. These products use a patented blue coloured liquid to replace the mercury but retain the ease of operation of the mercury instruments.

Digital min max thermometer - A popular choice where many models provide a current temperature reading and also the maximum and minimum readings. These models have a simple resetting button and come complete with batteries included.

Wireless min max thermometer -  Another popular choice with gardening experts which can also be used as an indoor outdoor thermometer. The base unit of these models can be placed inside your home and the sensor inside your greenhouse enabling you to check the temperature from the comfort of your own home.

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